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Creation Story

  • God created with words: It means words are powerful. If you say good things, they will happen. If you say bad things they will happen.
  • God gave us dominion over His creation: Humankind is the last creation of God. So God gave us power over everything He has created.
  • Be originations of your own work: You must sit down and think of doing something new as your own work. God did what no one had done before.
  • We must create as God created:                                                                                  God created the universe.                                                                                            You can also create something.                                                                                      People have created computers, bicycles, television, etc. You have the ability to create.
  • Orderliness in our daily activities: You do not succeed when you do things thing anyhow. Rather, you must do things in an organized way.                        For a example, you do not mix up responsibilities but do each one after the other orderly.                                                                                                               Remember, God did not create humankind before the earth. He created everything before humankind.
  • Plan you daily activities: God did not create the whole world in one day. He created according to plan and orderly.                                                               On the first day, He created something, The second day, He created until the sixth day. What He created each day was different from the other.                       If you have a lot of things to do each day, plan all the activities so that you can do them one after the other according to time. If you fail to plan your activities, you will waste time.
  • Plan to work out your plan: When you have plan to do something, do it according to the plan. Do not abandon the plan you have or do it any how. On each day, God planned what he would do and He did not abandon His plan.
  • You must rest after work: God rested on the seventh day after creation. We must also learn to rest after work. When you are tired and you still want to work, you may get sick. When you rest, you gain strength to work.


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