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Date Rush is not Mentor or Music Music – Ignatius laughs at lady who sang for him


Date Rush is not Mentor or Music Music – Ignatius laughs at lady who sang for him

Date Rush’s Ignatius has spoken on why he turned down Maame even after she sang for him on the show

According to him, Maame’s antics were not necessary because it was not a singing competition or concert

  • Ignatius made the revelations in an interview with YEN.com.gh on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Ignatius Baidoo of TV3 Date Rush fame has stated that he was least impressed with Maame’s antics to woo him during the show’s last episode.

As earlier reported by YEN.com.gh, Ignatius became a social media star after he turned down advances from seven women while appearing on Date Rush on Sunday, May 3, 2020.

As the show goes, a man comes up on stage and 10 female participants will show their interest in him by turning their rush (light) on.

When a guy gets more than one rush, he goes through a process to select the one he would want to go on a date with. Rarely does a guy get more than two rushes on.

On Sunday’s edition, Ignatius swept almost everybody off their feet getting seven women, including Maame.

Maame happened to be one of two ladies who were the last to be rejected even went ahead to sing Quata’s song Baby to tell Ignatius that he wanted and needed him.

Maame’s singing, however, did not touch Ignatius’ heart and he went ahead to reject her leaving many surprised.

In an interview with YEN.com.gh, Ignatius disclosed that Maame’s singing was not necessary the show was not singing competition or a musical concert like Mentor or Music Music.

Ignatius wondered the relevance of Maame’s singing was going to have any relationship if it had been possible.

Reacting to those who described his rejection as unfair to Maame, Ignatius stated: “At the end of the day, we are not going on Music Music or Mentor.”

“So you want to tell me you are going to teach my children to be singers or what?”, Ignatius quizzed while laughing.

Not withstanding, Ignatius sent shouts to Maame as of to cool her down.

Meanwhile, Ignatius earlier defended his actions and explained why he took such a decision, especially in the case of Freelove.

According to him, he rejected her because he was not looking at the programme alone but what was going to happen in real life.

For him, Freelove was only fantasizing about him being the kind of man that she wants but was going to give him stress in real life.

Source: Ghpage tv


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