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How Does Religion Influence Politics?


In Ghana, religion doesn’t play a large part in politics as tribe do. Political parties in Ghana associate themselves with some of the major tribes in the nation.

The political parties are aware of this and they choose leaders that span across Christians and Muslims, “the two major religious group in the county”.

Tribes play important role in politics in Ghana. The New Patriotic Party” (NPP) is one of the most prominent and powerful political parties in Ghana.

The opposition party “NDC” is known as the most controversial and critics party in Ghana. They are endowed with great and powerful men but some of them do not know how to approach issues. 85% of voltarians support NDC whiles 15% support the New Patriotic Party.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) lost the 2016 election due to their high level of corruption and incompetence in their party.

Both parties have their own way of operating. 90% of Ashantis supports the New Patriotic Party whiles 10% supports NDC.

 Ghana is one of the most religious countries in the world, prayers and a sense of religious are expected during political programs, campaigns, elections, etc.

Do you agree that, “Tribes” play a very important role in Politics?


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