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NDC will Fail Ghanaians Again when they come to power


The National Democratic Congress “NDC” is known as the most controversial and critics party in Ghana. For some years now they have been down due to their high level of corruption. NDC is known as the offensive and corrupt party in Ghana.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has nothing to do for the republic of Ghana when they come to power. They’re desperate and eager to bounce back to power in the upcoming election but looking at their readiness, it doesn’t look like they ready to be crowned as kings in the upcoming elections. Selfishness and greediness have filled their inner soul which is very bad and such attitude will never help the nation to progress.  This attitude of theirs will make them lose the 2020 general elections

Most Ghanaians have lost respect for the NDC party and that will be their downfall due to the amazing things the current ruling party (NPP) have done for the nation.

Certainly, Ghanaians are tired of them so they decided to kick them out of power. The ex-president, John Dramani Mahama has been struggling in choosing his running mate because it was alleged that the leaders in the party were scared to partner with Mahama to fight the battle with the ruling party, “NPP”.

The NDC party, after waiting for months in choosing their running mate has finally unveiled their vice-presidential candidate but to our surprise, the former president chose the former Minister of Education, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman as his running mate.

This made some Ghanaians react to his appointment to be irrelevant because the woman did not do anything for Ghana when she was appointed. They said Mahama and the leaders of the National Democratic Congress, “NDC” does not take Ghanaians seriously.

The party itself is not cool with Mahama and his new appointee because they think Mahama should have stepped aside for the competent ones to run as the presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress.

According to some Ghanaians, Mahama don’t have any leadership skills and also his style of politics is outmoded and not useful for the nation.

It is left with some few months to begin with the voting exercise but it seems the National Democratic Congress “NDC” have not been able to deliver any reasonable content to convince the people of Ghana to vote for them.

They have shifted their focus on irrelevant stuffs which may lead to their fall in the coming elections.

There are so many issues Ghana is facing that need to be addressed but Mahama and the leaders of the NDC are always attacking the New Patriotic Party for petty issues that are not necessary.

The people of Ghana are waiting to hear some words of encouragement from the opposition party but they have decided to throw shots at Akuffo and his party members. According to the statistics that we have gathered, former president, John Dramani Mahama does not stand the chance of winning the 2020 elections.


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