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REVEALED: Top Reasons Why Witchcraft And Death Is Rampant In The World


Human beings differ in diverse ways in regards to their believes, religion, physical illusions and spiritual aspects. We are going to dive and strip of the mystery behind African and Western witchcraft. People keep asking questions about this thing called ‘’ Witchcraft’’ and how it came into existence. Views and comments about witchcraft is kind of scary so it has created lots of tension and fear in the hearts of many people.

                             What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft could be explained as the use of sorcery or magic, communication with the devil or with a familiar, an irresistible influence or fascination according to Webster. It sounds weird to you right?

According to research, witchcraft is primarily associated with the symbol of evil all over the world. The perception people hold on witchcraft makes them fear, hate, and wish to eliminate from society those suspected or accused of it.

In relation to ‘’secret behind the dark world’’, witchcraft beliefs also function as an attempt to explain the reason behind otherwise unexplained negative events: illness, calamities, natural disasters, and death. Some anthropologists have argued that witch beliefs disappear once more scientific explanations for illness and natural phenomena are available (Encyclopedia).

Some people do not believe in witchcraft because of Christianity. Witchcraft in African societies is only viewed in the negative context despising the benefitting parts of it in the society despite the context it is dominantly portrayed. Witchcraft has lost its importance due to the existence of Christianity. It is understood that in the old days the denounces of witchcraft were outrageous and pain inflicting.

It was used by ruthless leaders to maintain their positions, to accumulate wealth, some used it to rule their kingdoms, it was used to promote orderliness in the society, it was used to promote honest and truthful living among members in the society, it was used to compete for position in hierarchies, it was used to rebel against leaders who impose laws on them that those laws were not in favor of the subordinates, it was used to trace the causes of misfortunes, for instance, illness, calamities, and unfamiliar spiritual occurrences that suppress the lives of members in the kingdoms.

Indeed, witchcraft is perceived wrongly in the current world for the fact that the environments that existed then is scanty in the current era and for that matter its existence has been subordinated by the Christian beliefs of doing things, understanding the occurrence of events in different view, tracing our beliefs to a different entity so this has led to least attention pay to manifestation of witchcraft.

Only negative events are traced to witchcraft and that respect its importance is dwindling. People are now also using it negatively to achieve their means so it only known in its negative context and exploring other side is ignored. The idea that the harm is caused and the pain it is inflicting on soul led to all these convictions that the concept is deemed irrelevant.

Modernized societies do not witness the importance of witchcraft, that is, the angle in which it is experienced is when people used it to obstruct their way of progress which is been revealed to them by their religious leaders in order for them to live a well guided steps to avoid those obstructions; as well societies that harbor witchcraft are well organized in terms of indulgence in practices that promote the welfare of the society than portraying deeds that render retrogressions to the society. Importance of witchcraft is largely witnessed in areas where it is perpetuated. It is seen as follows;

Witchcraft functions as a personal and egalitarian judicial system; this represents an alternative to the official legal system. It offers justice to all members of the community, independent of social or material power. Since witchery was never aimed at random but was a focused tool use to punish those who do not go according to the norms of the community. It helps maintain a harmonious environment, with this everybody at peace with each other tranquility also prevails. This also helps to erase all disputes that could lead to disorder in society.      

It is believed that witchcraft helps to maintain honest inter-personal relationship; witchcraft encourages the member of the society to be honest and truthful in their dealings since there is check which will put you on track when you go wayward. This helps promote good relationship among members of the society.

It contributes to justice social and order and function as the salvation of the underdog; the belief that the poor, the destitute, and the aged could, if treated unkindly, retaliate with witchery, was an effective protection for these otherwise powerless members of the community. This helps promote politeness and respect for the elderly and the poor. Everybody is treated equally irrespective of their social background, prevalence of equity, peaceful minding of personal business.         

 People who use their witchery to accumulate wealth help by raising the standard of the community they inhibit, here, their businesses they engage in help promote the living standard of the people by somehow offering employment to the unemployed, lending a helping hand to the needy.

Respect for traditions; it increases obedience and admonishing of the traditions of one’s culture, with this, every norm, tradition, convention is adhered to. Since nobody wants to be punished. For instance, conventions against stealing, murder, rape, and other social vices that do not promote peaceful living, orderliness, and stability.

It is use to trace source of spiritual misfortunes; for instance, elderly witches in some society are able to foretell would-be predicaments or are able to trace the source of some form of predicaments that come upon members of their societies and further inquire to find solution to the predicaments. With this witchery helps to protect the people from danger, prepare them for the future and their steps are guided to facilitate good moral portrayal.

The mystery behind witchcraft will forever remain unknown to mortals

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