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The Mystery Behind Ghanaian Entertainment Industry


Ghanaians in recent times have started asking question as to how and why people are dying in the entertainment field.

The entertainment industry has become scary and fearful to the upcoming musicians, actors and presenters, etc. because of how death has tripped into the industry.

Ghanaian musicians, media personnel, etc. keep dying day in and day out without knowing what led to their deaths. “This is extremely sad and disastrous”

“We had a few chats with some people concerning the deaths of our celebrities and these were their thoughts”

The entertainment field is in hot fire due to what is happening in the sector. The media industry must find a solution for this bizarre misfortune.

 According to the people, the entertainment industry is filled with greed, jealousy, corruption and nerviness, etc. which does not help the industry to grow.

They also discriminate and some also have the spirt of favoritism in their souls.

In order to stay relevant in the industry, they use dubious means to reign which does not help people.

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