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The Plot Is Set: Why Some Marriage’s Don’t Last


The basic factor (cause) in divorce will never be understood. People divorce for different reasons. In this article we are going to fish out the basic effects and causes of divorce in marriages.

                            What Is Divorce?

This social concept prevails in Ghana and its perpetuation is fervent and its effects too are worrisome. Divorce in Ghana is a canker in the cases of our laws backing it and the social system operating. In Ghana, only few marriages are been divorced at the court and for that matter the court has no idea about what the parted couple are doing this is with the fact that traditional marriages as accepted as the primary marriage dominate in the country so fourth divorce is the likeliest thing to happen if there is a slightest understanding to could be addressed to bring harmony, also marriage has become a showcase for the some people so they feel unaccepted in the society for the fact that they are not married so they feel imposed to join the union with any one they feel the likeliest connection with.

        Instances that could lead to divorce vary depending on the emotion attached to it. The only instance that is permit couple to apart is fornication outside marriage and it comes with a condition that states “you could keep your partner if you still like them”. People abide by this condition, but it becomes a disgrace when it is known by the mass and for that fact, they cannot hold on to the embarrassment so they split in order to save the shame and sometimes, those who commit the crime are not able to stand their partners so they decide to call it off too  

         Extramarital sex; this occurs when a married person engages in sexual activity with someone other than their spouse, when sexual relations breach a sexual norm, it may be referred to as adultery; that is a sex act between a married person and a person other than the spouse. Extramarital affairs outside break marriages and it could lead to divorce. Sometimes it could problem of inability to explore individual sexual orientation or both are not satisfying each to the extent that is required. The inability to satisfy the individual in the marriage brings about the wanting desire to satisfy that urge and in the course of that the individual end up ruining the marriage.

          Domestic violence; this involves violence against children, parents in marriage. This happens when there is a misunderstanding between couple and it could lead to divorce. In abusive relationships, there may be cycle of abuse during which tensions rise and an act of violence is committed. Victims may be trapped in domestic violent situation through isolation, power and control, traumatic bonding to the abuser. Some of the causes of this may be forced or child marriage. It puts children in these households, psychological problems from their early age also hypervigilance to threats, and dysregulated aggression which may contribute to vicarious traumatization.

       Inadequate time allocation to spouse and children; some people do not know how to apportion time for their homes all they draw their focus to is work. This kind of habit does not promote cordiality among families rather it takes you from at the end of the day you lack knowledge about your family. To show care to families, having time with spouse strengthens the feeling of needing each other, other than creating distance that will affect your living in the near future. When you spent time with your spouses you could foretell the direction you should put them to.

         Examining backgrounds well before joining the association; performing well checked background on the person you want to marry boost the confident level. Putting people in checks in terms of their character; how they will react to instances that will come along the way that you will need to address them to have a comfort way out. In the other angle to males must check well if this is the person you would like to manage your home, to be sharing ideas with.

         Least to talk about again is midlife crisis; this is a transition of identity and self-confidence that occur in middle-aged individuals typically 45 to 55 years old. The phenomenon is described as psychological crisis brought about by events that highlight a person’s growing age, inevitable mortality, and possibly lack of accomplishment in life.  This may produce feelings of intense depression, remorse, and high levels of anxiety, or the desire to achieve youthfulness or make drastic changes to their current lifestyle or feel the wish to change past decision and events (coined by Elliott Jaques).

      According to Max Gluckman, marriages are stable in patrilineal societies as compared to other societies. This is with the implication that, for instance, in Ghana children born in patrilineal decent enjoy mostly than that of other societies during divorce. This is because in the case of properties allocation, the children are mostly served of their requirement. It is believed that, as a man before you get acquainted to a woman as your wife there should be some kind of social respect and some financial strength in the case of taking care of your children there would not be a fumble.  As it is in Ghana, only few women go into marriage financially fit, most get to that stage when they are married.

      In Ghana, children born as a result of marriage are mostly handed over to fathers even in some matrilineal societies with the view the wife will not be able to take care of them well to in order to avoid that children move to their fathers after divorce and in that case the mothers mostly do the visitation and sometimes the children. In Ghana it is the belief that all children born as a result of marriage belong to the father and for that matter children born in patrilineal societies benefit. In the case where matrilineal, quarrels set in, to whom to keep the children and in cases like it means the man does not show any responsible trait of taking care of the children therefore, the interest of the children are protected.

       Properties allocation in patrilineal favoring and it goes like, properties allocated to the women are means of appreciating them for their loyalty shown in that due time of stay. This hardly occurs in traditional marriages the laws there are not stringent to check behaviors in that form so the pattern is weak in that channel so most people using that channel in case of divorce they could just find their way out.

      The effects divorce brings on the individual largely influence in the following ways; children from divorce household sometimes end up on the streets due to improper care and attention. This happens when parted parents express negligence of their responsibilities of nurturing their children. Some try to innovate their own way to survive and they end up in prison due indulgence in some forms of social vices.

    Some individuals end up stressed in and they loss focus in life; this is because they channeled all their energies into the relationship and for that matter, they get stuck and do not know where to begin from; that is a feeling of disappointed. Divorce in the Ghana is a hell of thing to through if you are woman who has no source of income and you were solely dependent on your husband.


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